I've been following Media Arts projects for a long time. These are painterly animations with closely interwoven music.
Real film work has only emerged in the last few years. Corona was sort of helping.
At first it was accompanying videos in the context of exhibitions of other artists, which complement and also document these exhibitions, not replace them.
Then I was also asked to make works for music streams. In this way, a whole series of shorter and longer works of very different orientation came into being.
In 2022 I made a nearly one-hour film for the project of the Kunstverein Donnersbergkreis "Street Art in the Countryside".
Here you can see some of the videos/films:

The film "Bananenwurst" traces the roots of street art incl. a "How to Become a Street Artist".
The film can also be rented. Ask me.

This was the first streamed vernissage in spring 2020, Corona You know... In addition, there were two "artist talks" with the participants Nikola Jaensch and Jörg Heieck. And in the end, we were able to open for real after all!

Another concept, which also has a cinematic character, is the "pop-up exhibition".
Here I arrange images of artworks in such a way that their movement across a structured wall gives them an additional interacting component. Both the tempo and the "hanging" of the images are well tempered and develop an unexpected appeal. The first pop-up exhibition I did was for the Donnesbergkreis Art Association in the Corona Fall of 2021, where you could spend an hour looking at art outdoors in front of a beautiful wall, having an uninhibited conversation (about whatever), and refreshing your mind and body.
I like to do pop-up exhibitions like this on demand.

The Markus Stockhausen Group in Concert. A streamed concert from Palatia Jazz in December 2020

A piece from the first performance of the multimedia ensemble "Scriabin Code", for which I also do the visuals.

Reinhard Geller